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Tank Replacement

If you are still using oil to heat your home, we can replace your old tank with a new above ground or underground tank after the old tank has been removed. This will ensure you have seamless service with minimal disruptions to your daily routine. The entire process works much the same as a typical tank removal, with the addition of the new tank install before your landscaping is restored to its original condition.

Did you know that oil heat has come a long way in the past 30 years. The heating oil produced today is 95% cleaner and oil heat emissions are not even regulated by the federal clean air act. Bio-blends of fuel are in the same category of renewable fuels as solar power and wind. Also tank leaks are not life threatening when compared to gas leaks. As oil customers you are covered by PLIA which is free to you. Please register if you have not done so with the above link.

We’re looking to sell our home and really need this done ASAP—how soon can you start?

It really depends on your particular project, but in most instances we can get you scheduled the same week we receive your proposal back. When we come out to give you your estimate, we’ll give you a firm timetable.

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Tank Replacement