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Tank Removal

In some instances, you may want to remove the tank entirely when it is decommissioned. We’ll pump out any remaining oil, then carefully excavate your old tank before transporting elsewhere to be cleaned and recycled. The soil that was disturbed to excavate your tank will be put back into place, and any ground cover, sod, or shrubbery will be carefully removed and replanted so that your yard is returned to its original condition.

Many old tanks are used to create landscape artwork once they’ve been fully cleaned.

Most tank removals take less than a day, even on commercial property. With our close ties to the local fire departments, we can make sure there is a fire inspector ready and available at the time your tank removal is scheduled so there are no delays.

Do we have to have the tank removed?

Not in every instance. We’ll give you all the options after surveying your property so you can decide for yourself if tank removal is right for you.

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Tank Removal